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Lunchbox logo transparentWelcome to Gluten Free Fab Life! I hope everyone living gluten free, from those just getting started to the old pros, will find something useful here. I’m starting with the basics on what gluten is and what foods contain it. From there, I’ll be providing recipes, product reviews, travel tips and useful and relevant information for leading a healthy and happy gluten free fab life!

I’m Tracy and I’ve been gluten free for about three years now. You can read more about my gluten free story here. I hope this site will provide the information I didn’t have three years ago when I was trying to figure out how to eliminate gluten from my diet.

I’d love to hear from you – please comment on the articles, suggest topics you’d like to learn more about, or send me an email by clicking here.

Thanks for visiting – I hope you’ll be a part of the Gluten Free Fab Life community!

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