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A few weeks ago, Becky at Gluten Free Cuppa Tea posted what she eats in a day. I love getting a peek into someone else’s life, especially when it involves the same dietary restriction I’m dealing with. Inspired by Becky, I thought I’d write my own version of what I eat in a day.

Since I’ve been dealing with the iron deficiency, I’ve had to really increase the iron-rich foods in my diet. I’ve also been trying to greatly reduce grains and potatoes in my diet, since I feel like I’ve been eating too much of them recently. I’ve put on about eight pounds since moving to the United Kingdom, and last week I reached my heaviest ever. That was a wake-up call to clean up my diet and put more effort into daily exercise (even if it’s just a long walk). I’m also really trying to step up my water-drinking game!

So here it is, everything I eat on an average weekday!


Inspired by a fellow gluten free blogger, take a peek into my daily eating routine. What does a gluten free girl with low iron eat all day, anyway? I woke up around 8 because the weekly garbage bin emptying was, as usual, loud and just outside my bedroom window. I started my day with my daily mocha latte, made by my resident coffee enthusiast, Legend. I settled in to my office at 9 to start working and forgot to eat until 11.

My breakfast was a smoothie made with an orange, a carrot, a little leftover mango and a scoop of *Bioglan Supergreens Berry Burst. Each day I try to make the smoothie with a different combination of fruits and vegetables. Yesterday’s involved berries and spinach.

Today’s smoothie tasted better before I remembered the superfood powder – it’s pretty sweet and artificial tasting. I like the idea of a superfood supplement, but this one is not very nice. I’ll be looking into something else when it runs out. (I have the *chocolate one too, also not very nice.) If you have any recommendations, please tell me in the comments!

After my smoothie I took my morning vitamins.


Inspired by a fellow gluten free blogger, take a peek into my daily eating routine. What does a gluten free girl with low iron eat all day, anyway? I decided to head to the gym a little earlier than usual, as the forecast indicated rain from 2pm until… the next day. I left right at noon and did my weight training as usual. By the time I was ten minutes into my cardio, I was straight up starving. No more, I said! I went home for lunch.

Normally after a strength training day I have a little protein shake, but since I was so hungry, I went right to real food this time. I had a bockwurst (basically a German hot dog) with mustard, no bun, and a big salad. The salad included iron-rich spinach, chickpeas and cashews, along with tomatoes, cucumbers and feta cheese. I had half a lemon in the fridge so I used the juice in the dressing, along with olive oil, garlic and onion powder, dried oregano, salt and pepper. It was pretty darn tasty, but of course I was hungry again in a couple of hours.  In the late afternoon, I had a protein shake with a banana blended in to hold me over until dinner (not pictured, because I forgot!)


Inspired by a fellow gluten free blogger, take a peek into my daily eating routine. What does a gluten free girl with low iron eat all day, anyway? For dinner, I was testing a new recipe for yellow split pea dhal. I made that, some rice, and heated up a couple leftover tapioca pancakes to have alongside. I am not usually a big fan of Indian food, but I’m trying to branch out a bit more. By making it myself, I can go lighter on the spices and ease into it. It’s been a good way to incorporate more iron-rich pulses into my diet, and spices like ginger and turmeric have health benefits too. I was not a fan of the ginger in this recipe, though, and will be modifying and testing it again soon.

Typically our dinners are gluten free and vegetarian (because Legend is vegetarian), though I’ve been needing to add meat to my plate lately to keep up my iron intake. I’ve been trying now to have the meat at lunchtime so that I can just make dinner once. Recent dinners have included a paleo-friendly gluten free pizza crust that I’m reviewing this week, a salad similar to what I had for lunch today, and black beans and rice.

Just before bed I took my night vitamins, and drank a whole bunch of water. This is a terrible idea and I really need to remember to take them earlier.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a peek at what I eat in a typical day – I know I love seeing how other people eat! What did you eat today? Have you blogged about your daily routine? Link it in the comments!

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      They are supersweet, but if you hide them in a smoothie with some fruit or yogurt it’s not so bad… really pricey though, even when you get them on sale it’s over a pound per serving! I’m sure there’s a better option out there.

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