I’m back!

After pausing the blog in August, I'm back to work in September. I'm focusing more on the "fab life" and a little less on the "gluten free" going forward.

New Mexico traditions: I visited a chile farm with my family, where we got our fresh roasted green chile for the season!

Hello world! It’s been an incredibly busy month, but I’m back to work in September. Pausing the blog for August turned out to be a really good decision for me; I ended up traveling a lot. I saw one of my good friends get married. I spent a week with my grandpa. I finished a book and I reached level 20 in Pokemon Go!

Life is still going to be busy in September; I’ll be spending two weeks back in Scotland visiting Legend (and my friends!) So for this month, I’m committing to one article per week.

I was starting to struggle with fresh gluten free topics three times per week before the pause, including a weekly recipe. As anyone who has developed recipes knows, this is hard! And when you’re not home for weeks at a time, it’s nearly impossible to test and perfect that many dishes.

Going forward, I’m looking to expand my writing more into the “Fab Life” and focus a little less on the “Gluten Free.” Being gluten free, it will always be a part of everything I do, but I’m looking forward to writing about more diverse topics in health, lifestyle and beyond.

As always, I’d love to hear from you on what I’m writing and welcome suggestions on what topics to cover. Feel free to leave your comments below, or send me an email!

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