More gluten free coffee K-cups

One of the most searched stories on my website is about gluten free flavored coffee and K-cups. For some reason, it’s really hard to find out if these are actually gluten free! To follow on my first article, I contacted a few more K-cup manufacturers to get more information on gluten free coffee brands.

UPDATE 10/6/2017: If you’re just looking to shop, here’s a collection of gluten free K-cups available on Amazon.

First up, Dunkin’ Donuts is in the K-cup game. While there have been questions about their pumpkin spice flavored coffee, their K-cups are all labeled allergen free on their website, including the hazelnut and vanilla flavors. (No pumpkin spice in the K-cups!)

The article I linked about the pumpkin spice coffee noted that Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee supplier uses equipment that is shared with grains. This article is a few years old, but it’s worth paying attention to if you are extremely sensitive to cross-contamination.

Second, I was able to reach Brooklyn Bean Roastery by email and confirmed that all of their K-cup flavors are gluten free. I discovered them years ago, before I was really paying attention to the potential for gluten in K-cups, so I’m super pleased to know they are really safe. They have lots of unflavored varieties, along with Vanilla Skyline, Cinnamon Subway, Oh Fudge, Hazelnut and more.

I contacted Real Cup, who makes brands like Wolfgang Puck, Marley Coffee, Martinson’s, Balzac’s, Tim Horton’s, Robin’s Donuts, Brown Gold and Coffee Time. Their initial email response stated, “I believe most of our products are gluten free however, the product page for every item will include an ingredient listing. Should gluten not be listed within that information, the product will be gluten free.” I reviewed some product listings and found “natural and artificial flavours” listed.  This really doesn’t tell me if there is any gluten there (see the Torani example in my last article for an example of how that can go wrong.) I followed up with another email, and they confirmed that the Marley Coffee K-cups were gluten free. This makes sense because they don’t appear to offer flavored coffee, just different coffee beans with particular flavor profiles.

Finally, I contacted Starbucks to ask about their K-cups. They took the longest to respond (nearly a week) and their answer was that the K-cups contain “coffee and natural flavors.” Again, natural flavors could mean anything, so I wrote back and explained that and asked for more information. I still haven’t received a response two weeks later, so I guess I’ll continue to avoid Starbucks flavored K-cups until they can provide a more complete answer.

Definitely gluten free (according to the manufacturer):

  • Brooklyn Bean Roastery (all)
  • Crazy Cups (all)
  • Marley Coffee (all)

Read labels and proceed with caution:

  • Dunkin’ Donuts K-cups (allergen free but may be processed on shared equipment)
  • Keurig Green Mountain (Green Mountain, Gloria Jean’s, and Timothy’s Coffee) says “All of our products that require it are labeled with ingredient, allergen, and nutritional information so you can make the most informed decision about your Keurig® system beverage.”
  • Real Cup’s offerings besides Marley Coffee (Wolfgang Puck, Martinson’s, Balzac’s, Tim Horton’s, Robin’s Donuts, Brown Gold and Coffee Time)

I probably wouldn’t risk it:

  • Starbucks flavored K-cups (unflavored varieties should still be fine)

This information is up to date as of this writing, but if you’ve worried, it’s always a good idea to check with the manufacturer to make sure nothing’s changed! Most of them have contact forms on their website and will get back to you within a couple days.

Do you have any favorite K-cups that aren’t on this list? Tell me in the comments!

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