Lifelong impacts of celiac: 3 steps to improve health

Recent studies have shown some celiacs don’t heal completely even after following a strict gluten free diet. I recently read two interesting articles that discuss the lifelong impacts of celiac disease, and have some easy-to-follow steps to address some of these concerns.

Ryan Maass of United Press International recently published the widely shared article, “1 in 5 children with celiac disease do not heal with gluten-free diet.” The article is about new research that found nearly twenty percent of children with celiac disease continued to have symptoms even after a year on a gluten free diet. The study used biopsy to look for enteropathy, which is inflammation of the small intestine, nutrient malabsorption and malnutrition, and found these symptoms in about 1 in 5 participants. The study’s author warned of potential “future complications” for this group of children.

Recent studies have shown that some celiacs don't heal completely, even after going gluten free. Read more on the lifelong impacts of celiac disease.

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United Kingdom-based gluten free blogger Jo Alcock recently described her experience as an adult diagnosed with celiac disease seven years ago in her article, “Living With a Lifelong Disease.” She recently discovered via bloodwork that her iron and Vitamin D levels are very low, a common complication of celiac disease. She’s now taking supplements and adjusting her diet to help assure her body gets the necessary nutrients.

Here are three things you can do to help your body heal alongside following a gluten free diet:

  • Eat more fiber – A fiber-rich diet aids digestion and feeds healthy bacteria in the gut.
  • Reduce inflammation – Foods like ginger and turmeric can naturally reduce inflammation.
  • Focus on nutrients – Celiacs are prone to vitamin deficiencies – eat a diet that assures you’re getting enough iron, B12 and Vitamin D!

Adopting a gluten free diet is just the first step in healing the gut; attention to fiber, nutrition and inflammation reduction can help reduce the lifelong impacts of celiac disease!

Have you continued to have problems even after going gluten free? What have you done that has helped? Tell me in the comments!

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