2016 in review: Top ten articles

I'm taking a look at the most popular gluten free posts from 2016. Some were total surprises. Here are my top ten articles from the last year!While it’s not quite my year anniversary, I thought it would be fun to see what my top ten posts for 2016 turned out to be. Some of them I expected, but a couple were total surprises. Let’s see what you guys loved this year!

Top ten articles in 2016

10. More gluten free gift ideas

Thanks to the power of Reddit, this post from December managed to make the top ten for the whole year. I guess everyone’s always open to a few more great gift ideas!

9. Gluten free beer: the basics

This one comes as no surprise (other than maybe I thought it would rank a little higher.) I worked really hard on this one. I contacted brewers in two countries. I promoted this everywhere I could think of. And, I got some great feedback that prompted a follow up (see #2.)

8. Gluten free flour tortillas

The best gluten free flour tortillas ever, featuring my mom's recipe.

This was one of my first posts and the very first Gluten Free Grandma T recipe. It remains one of my favorite recipes and something I make regularly. It’s a great treat. If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

7. Gluten free news: Jennifer’s Way Bakery

It turns out, everyone was interested in what was going on with Jennifer’s Way Bakery this year. In March, news broke about a lawsuit between her and her partners in the bakery, and in May, rumors about her skipping the country were rampant. The bakery’s shipping orders directly from the store now, and the skipping town thing never happened.

6. Gluten free brigadeiros are Brazil’s bon bons

This article caught fire thanks to a comment I made on Food 52. I ended up getting a ton of traffic via Facebook thanks to that. Besides, you can’t beat an easy chocolate candy recipe!

5. Potato pancakes with green chile

This recipe also really took off on Facebook. It’s easy, it’s delicious, and who doesn’t love potato pancakes?

4. Expat life: pros and cons of living in Scotland

This one went big due to organic search traffic. Apparently people really want to know what it’s like for an American moving to Scotland.

After 22 months, I'm reflecting on the best and worst things about my life abroad. Here are the pros and cons of expat life in Scotland!

3. Are flavored coffees gluten free?

Another one that’s big in organic search, this has been in the top three on my site for months. It’s particularly hard to find current information on gluten free K-cups, which is why I recently published a follow up: More gluten free coffee K-cups.

2. Gluten test: can you detect gluten in beer?

I worked hard to promote this one too, and shared it widely on social media. Lately, it’s stayed in the top posts thanks to search traffic. It’s probably the article I’m most proud of this year. I read a bunch of research papers to get the latest information on whether gluten free beer was really safe for celiacs. Turns out, the research really doesn’t prove conclusively that gluten-removed beers are safe.

1. Lentils and rice: an easy, healthy recipe

This was the biggest surprise of 2016. For some reason, this recipe took off on StumbleUpon, resulting in just over 1,500 views. It’s a simple recipe and it took off despite being on a gluten free website. People really want to know what to do with lentils, it would appear.

So there you have it – the top ten articles of 2016. What was your favorite? What would you like to see in 2017? Tell me in the comments!

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