Building good habits in a new place

Hello world! Sorry for the unannounced absence – it turns out moving cities, starting a new job and moving in to a new apartment is a whole lot of work.

I’ve been in Albuquerque for about three weeks now, and my apartment is starting to feel (and look) like home. A few more furniture items are on the way and then I should be pretty well set. (I am writing this from an office chair in the living room, where I also watch TV. I have no couch and no desk.)

The new job seems to be going well; it was a big adjustment after not working for just over a year. I’m still adjusting to having to set an alarm in the morning and my sleep hasn’t been so good.

I moved cities, took a new job and found a new apartment. It's taken a few weeks to settle in, but here's what has been going on in my life lately.

photo credit: naiaraback1 Moving via photopin (license)

I’ve been trying to cook something every Sunday that will cover lunches for a few days. I’ve got black bean stew, sausage potato soup, and enchiladas in the freezer. Tonight I made stir-fry and rice, which will cover a few lunches this week. That’s been a good habit to build from the start, and it means I’m not going out to restaurants for lunch (or spending money every day.) My other healthy lunch habit that I’m trying to build is to take a walk around after I eat. I work in a great area for Pokemon Go, so I’ve been walking a loop that hits several Pokestops that I can do in 30-40 minutes.

In the not-so-good habits category, I could probably stand to cut back on the evening wine, and I’ve only been to the gym twice since I moved. I need to get on a regular schedule, I think, because that’s the only way I’ll stick with it. I also forget to take my vitamins a lot. I put them in a pill box in my desk and at least I’m remembering on the weekdays now.

So, it’s been a big adjustment in every area of my life, and on top of all this, I’m taking a class on Coursera. This week will be the last week of that, so hopefully I’ll be able to get myself back in the groove of a weekly blog post now. Plus, I have my own kitchen and it’s mostly stocked up now, which means I can start developing recipes (though it won’t be the same without my mom.)

How do you build good habits in your life? How do you deal with massive change? Tell me in the comments!

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