Updates! Where I’ve been and a website note

Hello everyone! I can’t believe my last post was in May, time is absolutely flying by these days.

As you all know, I moved cities and started a new job in February. I’ve tried to develop a few recipes, but they are just not right yet (still working out the kinks on tempura as well as protein pancakes. The latter is actually getting worse as I iterate.) I’m working full-time and spending a lot of time at the gym – like, six days a week a lot.

Some old health issues have re-appeared – around the end of May, I started feeling really run down and tired again. Suspecting that my iron was low (again), I visited my doctor for a new blood test. Unsurprisingly, it’s low (not out of range low, but lower than it was in Scotland when they treated it last time.) On top of this, my Vitamin D was out of range low, which is surprising given how much sunshine I see now. My B12 was also at the low end of normal. I’ve written before about the link between celiac disease and vitamin deficiencies, and apparently this can happen even without a celiac diagnosis (I “failed” the test – twice.) So, I’ve got a prescription for a weekly megadose of Vitamin D, plus I’ve added an over the counter iron supplement and a multivitamin with B12 to my daily routine.

My previous health issues have returned, but I'm focused on improving my health and losing weight. Plus, a website update!

I’m a Zumba junkie now! photo credit: Prefeitura de Itapevi – Perfil Oficial (2017.05.31) Zumba na Praça 18 via photopin (license)

On the positive side, I’ve managed to lose 12 pounds over the last few months. Using much the same formula as I was in Scotland, I have been counting calories, not eating grains or potatoes after 4 pm, and making it a point to hit my 10,000 step goal six days a week (I still love my Fitbit!) After I moved back the US last summer, I was only exercising intermittently, and my diet was horrible. It took a few months after moving back to Albuquerque to find the motivation to really get back on it, but I’ve been able to stick with this for two months already. I joined a gym that offers Zumba classes six days a week, and have been alternating Zumba classes with strength training and walking on the treadmill (for an hour, while catching up on cable TV shows that I can’t watch at home).

I’ve been thinking about the blog a lot lately and I miss writing and being a part of the gluten free community! I’m going to try to be better, guys.

Finally, a small website note – Amazon Affiliates is doing away with the aStore feature in October. I’ve taken my store out of the menus and I’m working to remove links to it from old posts, a few at a time. I never had any sales from it anyway, and apparently only 25% of aStore users do. I’ve been so pleased to see that I’ve continued to have a few little Amazon purchases from my site regularly despite my hiatus, so I will continue to participate in the Affiliates program via inline links and feature boxes. If you’ve ever clicked through one of my Amazon links and made a purchase, thank you! It’s not even covering my hosting fees but it’s nice to get a little money back for my efforts.

How do you look after your health? Do you love Zumba as much as I do? Tell me in the comments!

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