Whole 30 preparation: the week before

I wrote last week that I am going to do a Whole 30 starting October 1. I talked a little about how I’m getting ready for this, but I thought it would be worth a dedicated post on Whole 30 preparation.

Identify potential problems (and remedy)

As I mentioned last week, I can’t do black coffee. So, since milk and sugar are both forbidden on Whole 30, I will be switching to tea for the month. I’m not excited.

Another potential stumbling block for me is convenience. I go home for lunch, so I have about 40 minutes to prepare and eat my meal before I need to head back to the office. I cannot be doing anything too complicated, I just don’t have time. And after work, I usually eat dinner, change clothes, and head out to the gym so again, no time (or energy) to spend in the kitchen on meal prep.

I'm less than a week away now, so I'm doing my Whole 30 preparation. Pantry has been cleaned, funky ingredients purchased, and I'm almost ready to go!

Me every Sunday. Photo credit: hallosunnymama preparing cauliflower via photopin (license)

My plan is to do loads of food prep on Sundays. For the last two weeks, I’ve been making this sweet potato apple bake (but I improved upon the original recipe!) and dividing it up for breakfasts all week. I’ve also been making one other big dish and dividing that up for easy lunches/dinners. I’m still eating my usual salad kit for dinners this week, but the bacon bits and dressing don’t meet the Whole 30 requirements so that’s going to need to be modified (or ditched – I’m pretty tired of that salad to be honest.)

I figure I’m going to need to do a smaller, mid-week cook in the evening to top up supplies. I’m thinking this will be easy stuff like grilled chicken and roasted vegetables – base ingredients that can be combined into meals easily.

Clean out pantry and re-stock

I'm less than a week away now, so I'm doing my Whole 30 preparation. Pantry has been cleaned, funky ingredients purchased, and I'm almost ready to go!

I live here now. Photo credit: barnimages.com Greens and vegetables in store via photopin (license)

I moved all the pasta, rice and beans up to the top shelf of my pantry, and all the allowable items are down on the bottom where I can easily see them. I’ve had to buy a few new items that I didn’t already have on hand:

I go to the grocery store at least weekly anyway, so I should be able to keep up with meat and produce needs on that schedule. I go through a lot of fruit – usually as snacks during the work day and post-workout, so that will just continue as usual.

Looking ahead

I think social occasions may be the trickiest part of this for me, but I’m really going to try to stick to it no matter what. I have a work lunch out next week, so I’ve already previewed the menu and found a salad I can eat with a couple modifications. I’ve got football game tickets later in October, so I’ll just need to eat ahead of time and stick to water at the game. Whatever comes up, I’m just going to do my research and plan accordingly.

Non-food rules

The other thing about the Whole 30 rules is that they recommend you stay off the scale and say you don’t need to count calories. Weekly weigh-ins and calorie counting are a big part of how I’ve lost the weight I have, so I’m nervous about giving up this “control” over the process. But hey, it’s only thirty days, so I’ll do my final weigh-in on the morning of the first day, and we’ll see where I’m at on Day 31! I’ll snap a couple photos too, for science.

So that’s it – just a few more days and I’ll be starting! Any last minute tips for survival? Tell me in the comments!

The Whole 30 series

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