Whole 30 Week 2: cravings hit hard

I breezed through the first week pretty easily (other than that epic headache on Day 2). But by the first full weekend, I was feeling kind of bored already, and desperately craving sugar. I did a lot of cooking. I did a lot of Zumba, too. By Monday I was coming out of my funk, but it’s finally hitting me that I still have a few more weeks of this!

Day 7

It’s Saturday, and I did double Zumba classes today (my usual morning class and a 90-minute special fundraiser in the late afternoon!) In between workouts I managed to throw some balsamic chicken in the crock pot and make a Whole 30-friendly potato salad (used more coconut yogurt than mayonnaise as the Primal Kitchen mayo has a strong flavor and added extra mustard.)

Day 8

I breezed through Week 1, but Week 2 found me craving sugar and missing "real life" in general. Someone fetch me my wine!

Zuppa Toscana (an Olive Garden fave) with a Whole 30 twist.

Despite sleeping over 8 hours, I woke up feeling super tired and craving sugar. I thought it was probably because of my mega workout the day before, but I struggled to shake it. I had a lazy morning on the couch before dragging myself up to make a Whole 30-fied Zuppa Toscana (used tapioca starch in place of flour and cornstarch, used 1/2 cup canned coconut milk in place of heavy cream.) I knew I needed to get moving, so I walked about a 1/2 mile to my local Whole Foods to see if their prices were really any lower since Amazon bought them (uh, no). I picked up some smoked salmon, some freeze-dried strawberries to try to satisfy my sugar craving, and a couple other things.

That night I made cauliflower rice sushi – I did one roll with smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber and chives, and the other with tapioca-battered (oops) green chile strips, avocado, carrot and cucumber. I made paleo sriracha mayo (full disclosure: I used regular sriracha without realizing it had added sugar. My bad.) I used coconut aminos in place of soy sauce.

I breezed through Week 1, but Week 2 found me craving sugar and missing "real life" in general. Someone fetch me my wine!

Cauliflower rice sushi. Meh.

It made a huge mess because I riced my own cauliflower using a cheese grater, and it was only marginally enjoyable. Sushi rice is a particular flavor and texture that I just couldn’t match with cauliflower. I ate it all, it wasn’t terrible, but I didn’t find it satisfying either.

After that I made my apple sweet potato bake and portioned it out for breakfasts this week. Even with all this cooking, I’ve only got a few meals ready for the week, so I’ll probably need to cook again this week. I ran my dishwasher four times. So much work!

Also: I was hungry all day, and probably ate every couple hours the entire day. Here’s the whole day:

Breakfast: coffee, apple sweet potato bake

Morning snack: 1 slice of bacon, a bowl of potato salad

Lunch: a big bowl of Zuppa Toscana

Pre-gym snack: a cup of pineapple, some freeze-dried strawberries

Post-gym snack: some Yuca fries

Dinner: Two cauliflower sushi rolls + the extra fried green chile

Okay in hindsight, this was super carby and pretty low on protein. Guess I’m not doing a good job of slowing my potato roll…

Day 9

I breezed through Week 1, but Week 2 found me craving sugar and missing "real life" in general. Someone fetch me my wine!

This was a sad attempt at “cauliflower risotto.” It sucked. I ate it anyway.

I tried to upgrade my coffee this morning by adding cinnamon and cocoa powder to coconut milk and whipping it in the Magic Bullet before adding it to my coffee.  I was hoping to achieve froth. I did not. I like the addition of cocoa though, so that will stay.

Still craving sugar. Freeze-dried fruit, regular dried fruit and actual fruit have all been thrown at this issue. Not all at once though.

I am out of potatoes and have decided to take at least this week off from them (not counting the sweet potatoes in my breakfast.)

Day 10

For lunch I had a fried egg, bacon, smoked salmon and an avocado. It was pretty great but my hair smelled like bacon all day.

For dinner I decided to brave going out, so we went to a Mexican restaurant that has half-price salads during happy hour. All I had to do was ask for no cheese (and olives because ew) but somehow they screwed it up. Then they “forgot” half the toppings that were supposed to be there. I used salsa for dressing and boy, was it spicy. Still, I survived dinner “in the wild” so that’s a win.

Day 11

I am so over cauliflower. There. I said it. Also, I really miss wine.

Day 12

I breezed through Week 1, but Week 2 found me craving sugar and missing "real life" in general. Someone fetch me my wine!

Sauteed asparagus, fried egg, avocado. Easy and really good.

Food boredom has really set in so I’m trying to mix it up a bit. For lunch, I made a saddo taco salad with ground beef filled with red pepper, onion and green chile, toasted cashews with green chile seasoning, romaine, and salsa as dressing. I miss cheese and sour cream, and corn chips.

For dinner I decide I am sick of meat, so I make some ghee-sauteed asparagus with a fried egg over it, and a side of sliced avocado. It was pretty awesome.

Day 13

The worst of the cravings are easing up and I’m starting to feel like a kind of normal person again. I’m still enjoying my daily breakfast of apple sweet potato bake and I’m getting used to sugar-free coffee. I think I’m going to make it.

Apparently my Week 2 experience is pretty typical, at least according to this article and many others like it. But the good news is that Week 3 is “tiger blood” week, or the week you start feeling awesome. I’m here for it.

Got any ideas for what else I can eat? No cauliflower please. Can you teach me to not be afraid of seafood? Tell me in the comments!

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