Whole 30 Week 3: tiger blood?

As of Sunday, I’m halfway through this crazy month. Starting with Day 16 (on average), Whole 30 participants report feeling “tiger blood” – it’s the part of the program where you suddenly feel great. It doesn’t happen for everyone, and I’m not sure I’ve hit it yet.  Up until and including the beginning of this week, I’ve been really, really tired. The end of the week has been feeling less tired but definitely not all that special. Oh, and I’ve been far more anxious than is normal for me lately… and I’m wondering if it’s because I can’t self-soothe with carbs, cheese and wine. This week I’m working on finding healthier ways to cope with stress.

Day 14

"Tiger blood" is the part of the Whole 30 where you feel amazing. It doesn't happen for everyone, and I'm pretty sure it's not happening for me.

Carnitas, fried sweet plantains, salad that is basically chunky guacamole.

I tried a couple new recipes out in the crock pot. First I made carnitas (not as tacos as the recipe describes.) Somehow this came out really salty (I think I used less pork than the recipe called for, and I used stir fry strips) and kinda dry, despite shutting it off after two hours on high. Good flavor otherwise, I’ll just pay better attention when buying meat next time!

I also made orange chicken (used tapioca in place of corn starch.) After turning on the crock pot and realizing it wasn’t plugged an hour later (oops) I got it going. It took less than 3 hours on high because I used tenders instead of breasts. The sauce didn’t thicken much but it’s still good. I packed that up with some sauteed broccoli for a couple meals this week.

Day 15

I made pot roast (subbed the vegetable soup mix for a little spice blend of my own, using garlic and onion powders, thyme, and a little oregano and basil.) The sauce didn’t thicken (because I didn’t add any thickeners) but I actually really like the broth with it. I’m just drinking it at the end.

In other news, I accidentally locked myself out of my own apartment during the day. I’ve been really tired, and I feel like no matter how much I sleep, it’s not enough. I even took an accidental nap in the afternoon but just can’t shake the sleepies.

Day 16

Even more tired. I also had sniffles and realized I am probably having some fall allergies just now. Hopefully I’m not coming down with anything because I’m supposed to get a flu shot this week.

All I want is cheese, cheese, cheese.

Day 17

"Tiger blood" is the part of the Whole 30 where you feel amazing. It doesn't happen for everyone, and I'm pretty sure it's not happening for me.

Cod with chipotle “cream” sauce, asparagus

Today I woke up feeling… pretty alright. No cravings, more energy, just decent. Is this tiger blood?

Breakfast: coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon (ditched the chocolate, the texture was weird)
Apple sweet potato bake

Lunch: Orange chicken, broccoli

Snack: two mandarin oranges

Dinner: Baked cod with a chipotle (coconut) cream, asparagus

Day 18

Finally some good news. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor weekly since the beginning of August for a problem in my neck. Today I finally got cleared to end weekly appointments (I go back in three whole weeks!) A lot of our recent discussions centered on diet so it appears that something I’ve eliminated as part of Whole 30 was the inflammation problem. Now I have to figure out what…

The suspects are (in order of suspicion):

  1. Dairy (boooo)
  2. Soy (I already know soy is a problem but didn’t realize how much I was still eating via oils, etc until I started reading labels carefully)
  3. Corn

Also, I’m realizing red meat really doesn’t agree with me.

Day 19

I’m surprised I’m not sick of the same breakfast day after day. I’ve been eating it since before I officially started the Whole 30!

"Tiger blood" is the part of the Whole 30 where you feel amazing. It doesn't happen for everyone, and I'm pretty sure it's not happening for me.

The apple sweet potato bake I eat for breakfast every day.

We went out for dinner (Chili’s) and despite careful consultation of the allergen menu to avoid dairy, gluten and soy, I got sick pretty much immediately. I did eat red meat though… so that’s fun.

Day 20

Not much new on the Whole 30 front – still doing it! I got my flu shot today and my arm hurts, and I’m going out in the world again tonight (but I’m going to eat at home first.)

I’m glad to only have ten days left, even though I know that I can’t go back to all my old eating habits after this ends. I’m ready to test dairy and corn and see if I can get this all figured out for once and for all!

Do you have any unusual food sensitivities? Is a red meat sensitivity a thing that can happen? Tell me in the comments!

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