Whole 30 Week 4: am I done yet?

It’s the last full week of this, yay! Not that I’m counting the days until I can put a little sugar in my coffee again… am I done yet? Seriously though, I’m already planning to test dairy on Day 31, and then corn a few days later. Let’s get to the bottom of whatever’s been causing inflammation! I’m in the home stretch!

Day 21

Got up and attended my usual 9 am Zumba class. I had been out really late the night before so I set the alarm for 8:15, had coffee and a small breakfast, and off I went.

When I got home, I cleaned up, had second breakfast of bacon, eggs and avocado, and then made a massive fruit salad to take over to my brother’s for a family get-together. He was cool about making me some ribs with no sauce, a baked potato (for which I brought my own ghee, bacon and avocado) and some grilled asparagus. I didn’t even feel left out when they broke out the ice cream cake I’d brought (for the kids, and it was gluten-y anyway.) That fruit was excellent.

Sticking to this has gotten a lot easier, even in social situations.

Day 22

I did a little prep, including the ol’ breakfast bake, and I grilled some chicken strips. I pulled the leftover pot roast from last week out of the freezer. My brother sent me home with ribs and baked potatoes, so with that I felt pretty good about my week.

Day 23

It's the last full week of the Whole 30! Not that I'm counting the days until I can put a little sugar in my coffee again... am I done yet?

baked cod, fried potatoes, salad

After work I made a couple pieces of cod, with garlic powder, salt, pepper and a couple slices of lemon on top. This did not produce a nice flavor so I dipped it in yellow mustard. They can’t all be winners.

It’s worth noting that over the last week, at least four people commented on my weight (as in, I look like I’ve lost some.) Some of them hadn’t seen me in a long while, but some it had only been about two months. I guess that’s a good sign? You’d expect 17+ pounds off would show (plus whatever’s going on this month, I still have no idea.)

Day 24

I used the leftover cod to make salpicon (I improvised a lot based on what I had at home), served with some yuca fries. It was pretty good.

Day 25

I’m down to the end of both the meat and vegetables in the house, so dinner was weird. I sauteed some asparagus, red peppers and onions with a diced Andouille sausage, and had yuca fries on the side. It was lame.

Day 26

Breakfast: apple sweet potato bake, coffee

Lunch: last of the leftover pot roast

Snack: apple

Dinner: spinach salad with tomato, cashews and grilled chicken

After gym snack: a really big mandarin orange

It's the last full week of the Whole 30! Not that I'm counting the days until I can put a little sugar in my coffee again... am I done yet?

Day 24’s salpicon, yuca fries, garlic paleo mayo

In fitness news, my gym is starting to offer taekwondo, so I checked out a taster class. I did TKD in college and again about 5-6 years ago. I started in one style, learned a second style 5-6 years ago, and this school is, of course, a third style. The biggest difference in styles is that they use different forms (sets of kicks, punches and blocks used to demonstrate mastery of the basics). I’m going to have to learn all new forms for this style now. I think I’ll like the class though, it’s focused more on forms and weapons and less on sparring/fighting. Hopefully I won’t get injured every few months like I was doing in my last class!

Day 27

At this point, I’m done. Yes, I have four days left (it’s early on day Day 27 as I write this.) I am ready to weigh myself, put sugar in my coffee and eat some cheese. I’m going to stick it out but mentally I’m ready to move into reintroduction (more on that next week) and start having a little bit of normalcy return to my life.

I’m also trying really hard to stay semi-committed post-30, because I don’t want to immediately gain five pounds binging on potato chips and Halloween candy. I’m thinking about picking back up with keeping a food log and counting calories so I made sure I’m not going nuts right away.

Any tips for staying sane these last few days? If you were going to binge on dairy without adding in grains or legumes, how would you do it? (I’m thinking baked potato with the works sounds mighty fine about now.) Tell me in the comments!

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    1. GFTracy Post author

      I’m going to test grains, along with dairy, to figure out which thing(s) I took out were the source(s) of inflammation for me. Something that came out this month made a huge difference, but I eliminated so many good sources of fiber that I need to figure out which things are okay to put back! I don’t think Whole 30/paleo is 100% sustainable forever; it creates some nutritional holes (like calcium) that make this difficult for the long term. My next article will have more on what my plans are going forward. Thanks for commenting!

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