Holiday recipe roundup

It’s that time of year – holiday parties, potlucks and family events are constant, and you’re trying to make sure you have at least one gluten free thing to eat! Fear not, I’ve got all my holiday recipes and festive options rounded up for you here – from meals to desserts, you’re sure to find something delicious!

Meals/Potluck dishes

Tamales are a New Mexican holiday tradition. Made from corn meal and filled with meat, gluten free tamales aren't as difficult to make as you might think!

Tamales are a New Mexican holiday tradition. They freeze well, so they can be made well in advance of your meal!

Tamales (includes red chile pork recipe)

Green chile enchiladas (meat or vegetarian options)

Pocket pies

Sesame chicken

Chicken strips or nuggets


Make these delicious, gluten free brigadeiros - beloved candy from Brazil!

Need an easy option? Brigadeiros only have 4 ingredients (and one is chocolate sprinkles!)

Unicorn spritz cookies

Shortbread cookies

Apple slab pie

Peach strudel

Graham cracker pie crust (for cheesecake)

Dark chocolate cookie balls

Vanilla pecan cookie balls

Brigadeiros (Brazilian bon bons)

So instead of being this person at the holiday party:

You can be this one instead:

What is your go-to holiday recipe? How do you navigate holiday parties (and the mystery food that comes with them?) Tell me in the comments!

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