It’s my second blog-iversary!

I can’t believe it, but I launched Gluten Free Fab Life two years ago today. When I started out, I hoped it would be a good source of information for people like me, who were trying to figure out why they felt crummy all the time. It’s been that and more! It’s helped me learn to develop recipes, research and explain complex health topics, and I’ve even gotten good at getting my stolen content removed from around the internet (I could probably do without that last experience.)

It’s been surprising to me what things ended up being the most popular over the last two years; they were not topics I thought would take off. Here are the three most popular stories ever on this blog (so far):

#3: Lentils and rice: an easy, healthy recipe
Lentils are high in iron, folate, fiber and other essential nutrients. Try this easy, gluten free recipe for green lentils and rice.

Lentils and rice

Of all the recipes on this site, I really thought it would be Grandma T’s gluten free flour tortillas that would be the star. Imagine my surprise when this little recipe here ended up going huge on StumbleUpon.

I came up with this recipe while I was dealing with the first round of iron deficiency; while I’m not a big fan of Indian food, this recipe is a really toned down, not too spicy dhal. Actually, it sounds pretty good right now.

#2: More gluten free coffee K-cups

I found it really hard to get good information on whether flavored coffees, especially K-cups, were gluten free. Many of them simply list “natural and artificial flavors” with no other information. Since barley isn’t an allergen in the United States, there could be sneaky gluten in those little cups! This was the second article I did, but in both cases I contacted suppliers and asked them to give me the lowdown on the actual ingredients in their K-cups. I’ve compiled a big list of “safe” brands and you can easily shop for flavored coffee K-cups right here on my site.

#1: Expat life: pros and cons of living in Scotland
After 22 months, I'm reflecting on the best and worst things about my life abroad. Here are the pros and cons of expat life in Scotland!

Flat Stanley on a train as we leave Glasgow Queen Street!

This one has nothing to do with gluten. I wrote it just after I left Scotland to return to the US, and was reflecting on the best and worst things about having lived there. Apparently, loads of people are searching for this information, so since its original publication, I’ve updated the article with links to other bits of information about living abroad. I also linked to my old blog that I kept when I first moved that talks about my visa process, getting settled in and learning how to function in a new country. I definitely did a ton of blog reading as I prepared to move, so I hope my information is helpful to someone else!

Finally, my favorite article I’ve written so far has to be:

gluten test: can you detect gluten in beer?
In this follow up to Gluten Free Beer: The Basics, I look into gluten test methods and their validity. Is that beer really gluten free? Find out!

Naturally gluten free beer only! Photo: Beer via photopin (license)

I researched this for weeks. I read complex academic papers. I compared international regulations on gluten free labeling and testing. And after all of that, I’m really proud of the work I did here. It does clock in at a respectable #5 on the all-time popularity list, but it’s #1 in my heart.

Thank you, dear readers, for sticking with me for the last two years. I hope it’s still useful and you are finding what you need here!

What brought you to Gluten Free Fab Life? Is there any information you’re still searching for? Tell me in the comments!

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