Retesting gluten with mixed results

After almost six years gluten free, I had to give up dairy a couple months ago as well. I wondered if perhaps my sensitivities had changed, so I decided to re-try gluten over the long holiday weekend. My mom and I made tortillas with organic all-purpose flour and to my surprise, I had no stomach issues. However, after four days of eating a little bit every day, I started having some pain and inflammation issues, and that has gotten progressively worse every day since. I stopped eating gluten again as of yesterday, and I’m hoping this clears up soon. My skin’s not happy, either!

If you decide to retest gluten, I recommend that you start with an organic flour, and that you keep your first try as simple as possible. We made flour tortillas and made sure there was nothing else there that could cause a reaction. This recipe is pretty similar to what we made, but instead of 1/3 cup of vegetable oil, we used 1 tablespoon of canola oil and about 4 tablespoons of soy-free Earth balance. We also added 1 teaspoon of oat milk to the mix. I thought I was in the clear after a couple days of no trouble, but then the body pain set in.

Small consolation

I wondered if perhaps my sensitivities had changed, so I decided to retest gluten over the long holiday weekend. Spoiler: it did not end well.

Left: turtle cheesecake
Right: cherry cheesecake
Both: Daiya (& delicious)

So it looks like I will remain gluten, dairy and soy free for the near future. On the plus side, Daiya makes a “cheesecake” that fits all the requirements, so we made two different versions of it for Thanksgiving dessert. On one piece, we used cherry pie filling, but on the other, we used a vegan caramel sauce, chocolate syrup, pecans, and crumbled chocolate cookies to make a turtle-style cheesecake that was crazy good.

Have your food sensitivities changed over the years, or are you pretty much stuck with them forever? Do any of the supplements for eating dairy actually work? I guess I should try that next and report back… tell me in the comments!

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