2018 in review: Top ten articles

Yes, it’s March and I’m just getting my top ten from 2018 together. It was a year, ya’ll, and January tried to kill me.

If you’re keeping track, this is the third year of annual recaps: check out
2016 and 2017 if you’re curious about my past greatest hits. On to this year’s favorites!

#10 Whole 30 approved vegetable side dishes

Who wouldn’t love a few Whole30-compliant vegetable side dishes? I feel like so many of the recipes out there are meat-heavy, so finding a few vegetable-only dishes (ok one has bacon in it) was a relief. Apparently you like your vegetables, too!

#9 Fun with Amazon Prime Day 2018

Amazon Prime Day is in July, and there are so many deals that it can be overwhelming to sort through them all. I took the best of what I could find and linked them up here.

#8 Hiking in the Sandias: how I got started

I started hiking in old sneakers and regular gym clothes. I learned what I needed on the fly so you don’t have to! Get all my tips on the early equipment you’ll need here. (Since this article, I received a hand-me-down backpack that I bought a water bladder for, and I recently bought microspikes for snow hiking.)

It is pretty life-changing to be able to see everything in the drawer, though.

#7 Learning to let go and make space

I Konmari-ed my dresser drawers six months before it was cool/before the Marie Kondo Netflix show.

Does anyone else just get stressed out watching other people sort through their hoards? It does not bring me joy.

#6 Gluten free news: junk food edition

A bunch of new gluten free goodies hit the market all at once. I am sorry to report that my market did not get the new gluten free Girl Scout cookie, so I have a box of sad Toffee-tastic cookies in my desk drawer right now.

#5 Chickpeas changing the allergen-friendly food game

From flours to pasta to meringues, chickpeas are turning up everywhere. See why this legume is so popular with allergen-friendly foodies.

#4 It’s my second blog-iversary

This was my celebration of my blog’s second anniversary. February 1, 2019 was my third blog-iversary! I should write that story too.

I spent an afternoon developing a hangover-preventing Magic Bullet cocktail: the Bullet Old Fashioned. I drank three and woke up good as new. Check out my recipe!
Magic Bullet Old Fashioned

#3 Magic Bullet cocktail: the Bullet Old Fashioned

My dad sent me home with a case of Magic Bullet, so I phoned a friend and got to work inventing a cocktail.

#2 My favorite Instant Pot recipes

Who isn’t on the Instant Pot train at this point? Just about everyone I know is pressure cooking everything. I have tried several recipes found online and rounded up a few that I really liked.

#1 Magic Bullet: hangover prevention?

As mentioned, my dad is selling this hangover preventing beverage, so I did some research on the ingredients to see what it’s supposed to do. It does seem to work and has saved me a couple times already!

If you’re still reading this, thanks so much for your readership over the last three years! While this never became profitable in the way I’d hoped, it sometimes pays for itself and it’s been such a learning experience.

What do you want to read about in 2019? Tell me in the comments!

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